Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Growing with JCI - Looking back on experiences gained from JCI

Past JCI Winnipeg member gives his account about his time with JCI, published in SmartBiz.


"A past member and board member of JCI Winnipeg, I was a part of JCI as long as I could be. It’s designed for those 18-40, and I have enjoyed celebrating my 40th already – otherwise I would still be in there taking advantage of the opportunities and experiences JCI presents.
Before I start to tell you about my JCI development, my question for you is: where are you right now with your life? Are you comfortable? Are you bored? Are you spinning your wheels because no one will give you a chance or opportunities? Do you dream of doing more?" Continue reading...

Natasha Fisher’s public speaking skills are taking her around the world.

Update: World Effective Speaking Championship Competition

The results are in. The JCI World Champion for Effective Speaking is Paul Akingbola of JCI Nigeria. Congratulations to this well earned victory.

Have a look at the list of awards handed out at JCI World Congress 2014 in Leipzig - Germany in Issue #5 of the JCI World Congress Newsletter (page 3) 

To our Natasha Fisher : we are SO PROUD OF YOU. We wish to extend our sincerest thanks for being our ambassador to the 2014 JCI World Congress, representing Winnipeg, Canada and the Americas as Effective Speaking Champion of the Americas.

We look forward to welcoming you back home with this new experience and anticipate a stronger effective speaking training program for JCI Winnipeg members in 2015. 

The leadership you displayed throughout your bid for the championship title will serve you well as you take on the role of President of JCI Winnipeg in 2015, and our members will benefit greatly from your experience on the JCI World stage. 

Thank you for all hard work, your courage and your leadership. 

Update: World Effective Speaking Championship Competition

Today, Natasha Fisher delivered her speech at JCI World Congress 2014 in Leipzig - Germany as Champion of the America's. She competed with three other candidates representing their respective areas. These candidates were from Denmark, Nigeria and Cambodia. All four delivered impressive speeches. 

We await the awards ceremony taking place on Friday, November 28th 2014 to find out who will take home the World Effective Speaking Championship Title. 

All the best to our Canadian representative. We're behind you 110%.

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Previously posted

JCI Winnipeg's Natasha Fisher, Vice-president of Membership ascends Effective Speaking Champion of the Americas, and will represent the America's at the JCI World Congress in Leipzig, Germany in November 2014.

May 2104, Jared Story of the Winnipeg Free Press wrote:

When she speaks, people listen : Sinclair Park resident off to Germany for JCI World Congress
"Winning the national competition, Fisher then represented JCI Canada at the JCI Conference of the Americas in MedellĂ­n, Colombia from April 23 to 26. Once again taking top spot, Fisher will now be representing the Americas at the JCI World Congress in Leipzig, Germany in November." Continue reading...

August 2014, SMART Tab published her story:

Competing for the world title for effective speaking in Leipzig, Germany.  
"On November 26th, 141 days at the time of writing this article, I will be competing for the world title for Effective Speaking in Leipzig, Germany. This is journey I started over a year ago here in Winnipeg. This incredible opportunity is due to my involvement with JCI (Junior Chamber International)." Continue reading...

JCI member-to-member mentoring

Natasha Fisher quickly transferred her knowledge and skills as an effective speaker to JCI member Katrina Hueging, who just competed for her place at the Prairie Regional Effective Speaking competition that took place on June 7 in Calgary. Katrina will be competing for the top spot in JCI Canada's Effective Speaking Competition taking place in Ajax, ON in September, during JCI Canada's National Convention.

All the best to Katrina who will be defending Winnipeg's claim to national effective speaking champs, and a chance to represent Canada, as Natasha did, in the next JCI Conference of the Americas, taking place in Cochabamba, Bolivia in May 2015. 

JCI Winnipeg's Katrina Hueging competing for the Prairie Regional Effective Speaking title in Calgary, AB.