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Next Génération Business Mixer - Synopsis

Annie Henry, Stéphanie Fontaine, Minister Kevin Chief and Evan Morgan at the #NextGenMixer

By: Simon Méthot
Board member at CCSFB - Youth Initiative
Director of Communications at JCI Winnipeg 
Youth Projects Officer at CDEM

On Thursday September 24th, 2015, over 70 business people were present to hear Minister Kevin Chief’s keynote address at the inaugural #NextGenMixer. Mr Chief effectively highlighted the important work being made by key organisations in Manitoba in order to create more opportunity for young Manitobans.

The short BOLD Winnipeg video adeptly articulates the core message of #NextGenMixer: Uniting people who see potential and establishing collaborations to produce opportunities for Manitoba’s youth.

World Trade Centre Winnipeg (WTC Winnipeg), Chambre de commerce francophone de Saint-Boniface (CCFSB), Junior Chamber International Winnipeg (JCI Winnipeg) and Junior Achievement of Manitoba (JA Manitoba) formed a partnership and hosted the #NextGenMixer on Stella’s at CCFM's beautiful patio . Together, they promote a strategy that will benefit Manitoba’s economy for decades to come. Their vision of well integrated youth will benefit our province by helping shape the leaders of tomorrow.

The actions from these 4 groups ensure that our young people have opportunities to:
  • better understand the role of entrepreneurship in economics
  • acquire financial management knowledge and skills
  • learn the importance of making connections and maintaining a professional network
  • connect with current, local leaders and grow their network
  • access training for their professional development 
  • explore these opportunities in French or English

JA Manitoba is the foundation that supports the strategy. Their foremost offer to young people is Company Program; a four-month business simulation that teaches grade 10-12 students how to organize and operate a real business. Volunteers from the local business community work with students to launch and run a small enterprise. This gives students the real-world skills and experience that they need to achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs.

JA Manitoba offers many in-class programs that help students understand the importance financial management, the basics of entrepreneurship and the importance of post-secondary education, among others. These in-class deliveries require a 4 hour commitment and present a convenient option for business people to have impact in shaping the future generations as leaders, entrepreneurs and work-ready resources.

"When we make investments to young people, it actually works. The science, the research, the evaluation is unprecedented. The economic impacts are absolutely incredible"  - Minister Kevin Chief, BOLD Winnipeg video

Learn more by visiting JA Manitoba’s website and join forces with like-minded individuals who take action for our young people.

Greg Leipsic
President & CEO
JA Manitoba
(204) 956-6082

CCFSB is the commercial voice for businesses in St. Boniface that offer services in French. The Chamber fosters the development of a business-oriented environment geared towards the success of its commercial members.

The CCFSB provides you with the opportunity to meet and network with business people from the francophone/bilingual community of Saint-Boniface.  You can attend one of their luncheons or register to become a member at

La CCFSB vous donne l'occasion de rencontrer et de réseauter avec des personnes d'affaires francophones/bilingues du quartier de Saint-Boniface.  Vous pouvez vous joindre à eux pour un de leur dîners-rencontre ou devenir membre en vous inscrivant au

In September 2013. With the help of Caisse Financial Group, CCFSB launched a youth initiative that has seen 166 young people participate their signature monthly networking luncheons. Participants are recruited from three groups: high school students with french capacities (many are Ja Manitoba Company Program participants), student-members of the Club entrepreneuship Université Saint-Boniface and young entrepreneurs at large.

Marguerite Simard
Chambre de commerce
francophone de Saint-Boniface
(204) 235-1406

JCI Winnipeg celebrates it's 92nd year as an active group among the 5000+ chapters around the world. With over 200 000 members in over 100 countries, Junior Chamber International is a leading network of active citizens with a mission to provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

With the help of the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM), JCI Winnipeg began its transition to a bilingual organisation at the World Trade Centre Winnipeg in June 2014 and becoming a member of the Chambre de commerce francophone de Saint-Boniface was an important part of this initiative.

JCI Winnipeg participated actively in JA Manitoba’s mandate. JCI members formed a team of advisers that led a Company Program team through the 2014-2015 program and they will be repeating the experience in 2015-2016. JCI Winnipeg also supplies volunteers for in-class program deliveries throughout the year.

"We have to give lots of people choice.. we have to engage them. The most important thing is to get people who believe in the potential of our community all together, that's where we are going to learn the most" - Minister Kevin Chief, BOLD Winnipeg video

JCI Winnipeg is a great option for those looking to get involved in the community and can help individuals and companies explore ways of having positive impact for Winnipeg’s youth.

Natasha Fisher
JCI Winnipeg 
(204) 391-0632

World Trade Centre Winnipeg offers you the Business InfoCentre, with free services to help you start or expand your business. Check out their free seminars that you can attend online or on-site: Calendar of events. These seminars and workshops are an essential tool for young people to begin their process in planning a business. With bilingual services, the WTC Winnipeg makes important contributions to Manitoba's entrepreneurial succession.

Get in touch with the Business Information Officers and Researchers to take the next step in your entrepreneurship journey.

Le Business InfoCentre (BIC) au sein du World Trade Centre Winnipeg offre des services gratuits pour vous aider à démarrer ou agrandir votre entreprise. Jetez un coup d’œil à leurs séminaires gratuits que vous pouvez suivre sur place ou en ligne : Calendrier d'événements

Contactez un des agents d’information et des chercheurs pour passer à la prochaine étape de votre périple entrepreneurial. 

Business InfoCentre
World Trade Centre Winnipeg
204 984-2272 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

JCI Winnipeg Partners With Aboriginal Youth Opportunities

JCI Winnipeg Partners With Aboriginal Youth Opportunities at Meet Me at the Bell Tower on August 21st

Meet me at the Bell Tower gathering at the corner of Selkirk and Powers, in Winnipeg.

JCI Winnipeg is continuing its networking and outreach with Winnipeg’s youth leadership in 2015 by hosting a Month End Mixer with Aboriginal Youth Opportunities (AYO!) on August 21st. Jon the Facebook event here : JCI at the Bell Tower.

Young entrepreneurs are stepping up to lead Winnipeg’s emergence as one of Canada’s most exciting cities to live and do business. Across the city, bold new ideas are being developed by a new generation of entrepreneurs, with the help of a strong network of mentors and guides to help them succeed. As one of the most impactful organizations currently operating in the North End, AYO! works to empower young people and help develop their dreams into a reality.

One exciting event that has been taking place since 2011 is Meet Me at the Bell Tower, hosted by the passionate Michael Champagne. Every Friday at 6pm, community members get together on Selkirk Avenue to strengthen their networks and talk about their vision for their neighbourhood and city.

Michael Champagne, second from right, speaks at Spur Winnipeg on May 10, 2015.

JCI will be partnering with AYO! on August 21st to host a Meet Me at the Bell Tower conversation about getting youth involved in leadership and entrepreneurship. Anyone who is interested in being part of the discussion will be welcome, and JCI Winnipeg is looking forward to meeting with active AYO! members to help them develop their leadership goals.

Meet Me at the Bell Tower takes place Fridays at 6pm at Selkirk and Powers, and is open to anyone interested in attending. For more details, check the hashtag #BellTowerFamily. And don’t forget to follow @JCIWinnipeg for more details on our joint event on August 21st!

Aboriginal Youth Opportunities began in March 2010, has developed relationships with organizations, media partners and businesses to empower youth in Winnipeg's North End. AYO's goal is quite simple, unite people who wish to see a better North End, empower youth to dream and to help them make them a reality. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

JCI help students develop entrepreneurial skills with Company Program

This past school year, JCI Winnipeg sent 4 members to serve as advisers for Junior Achievement of Manitoba's Company Program. For 20 weeks, members Erica Christie, Danelle Hueging, Simon Méthot and Matthew Kulba worked with Achievers in their entrepreneurial projects.

The 2014-2015 edition of Company Program was launched on November 4th, 2014 at "Meeting of the Minds" and ended with the "Celebration of Achievement" on May 6th, 2015.

JCI Winnipeg were assigned a team of high school students from St. John's Ravenscourt, who created PowerUp and sold batteries to charge mobile devices on-the-go.

This team of Achievers delivered fantastic results:

  • 150% return to shareholder
  • 20% of profits donated to the Winnipeg Lake Foundation (almost $400)
  • Safety Plan of the Year 
  • Website of the Year
  • Best Trade Fair Booth and Sales Experience
  • Highest Unit Sales (234 units sold)
  • Highest Dollar Sales ($2892.32 in total revenue)
  • 3rd place, Best Idea Pitch at Stu Clarke High School New Venture Competition
  • 2nd place, Investor's Group Sales Challenge - Peirce Dickson
  • 1st place, Investor's Group Sales Challenge - Alice Yu 
  • President of the Year - Alice Yu 

Download PowerUp's Sahreholder's Report : PowerUp Shareholder Report

Company Program takes learning beyond the classroom
by Peirce Dickson, JA Achiever

Junior Achievement's Company Program takes learning beyond the classroom and pushes the education system to go further. Although I might get a sense of what the business industry entails from a calculus or economics class, these situations keep me trapped behind a desk. Over the past year, the Company Program allowed myself and eleven other students to conceptualize, create, market, and sell a product. Throughout the process, four advisors, including three from JCI, guided our team through the business process and helped us achieve success. We chose to import portable electronic battery packs from overseas and create the brand "Power Up." We created a modern logo to brand our products and provided a booklet containing environmental tips with each battery pack to show our commitment to the environment. As the Vice President of Sales and Development, I helped form a connection with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation to further our environmental goals. Our team donated twenty percent of our profits to the charity and built part of our marketing strategy around this platform. My role also entailed designing the trade fair booth and setting up additional trade fairs to sell our product. In the end, twelve high school students who met once a week managed to pull in a revenue of over $2,800 and donate nearly $400 to the Lake Winnipeg Foundation.

The real life situations that this program put me in helped me develop a keen interest in business. I enjoyed the creativity of guiding the marketing aspects of our product and gained valuable knowledge of how finance works within a company. Junior Achievement has also allowed me to meet many people within Manitoba's business community and learn from them through conversations or presentations. These experiences have inspired me to pursue a commerce degree at the Asper School of Business. The Company Program has changed my outlook on the business world and has shown me the limitless opportunities of a career in commerce. I also have an interest in law and hope to combine these passions later on in life.

Junior Achievement's Company Program is a testament to the powerful effects when community members from organizations such as JCI come together to help educate and inspire youth. My experience shows that some of the best learning happens outside of a classroom.

Earlier, Alice Yu, PowerUp's President, published her thoughts on Company Program.
Read it here: Skills development through entrepreneurial training, high school edition.

Learn more about JCI Winnipeg here: JCI Winnipeg : Frequently Asked Questions

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Do you have a fear of public speaking? JCI is here to help

Natasha Fisher, JCI Winnipeg President, and finalist in JCI's Effective Public Speaking 2014 World Championship writes about the importance of Public Speaking skills, and how JCI Winnipeg was able to help her face that fear and gain confidence in front of a crowd. Published in Smart Biz - April 1st, 2015.

Danelle Hueging, Christopher Vo,  Neder Hedfi, Erica Christie, Simon Méthot, Natasha Fisher and
Brandi White participated in JCI Winnipeg's Effective Speaking Workshop on March 7th, 2015
at the Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities (CDEM).

"Fear of public speaking is right up there with spiders, heights – and even death. In fact, according to a Psychology Today article, “The Thing We Fear More Than Death,” surveys indicate the fear of public speaking often tops that list.

So our fear of talking in front of people often outweighs our fear of death. So logical.When I mention my experience with public speaking and even participating in competitions, I often hear, “I would be too nervous,” or “I could never do that.” But I reply, “You can and you should.”

If you think about it, you will certainly do public speaking at some point in your life: a presentation, a team meeting, a speech at a friend’s wedding, or accepting an award."

Read the full article on Smart Biz's Blog : Do you have a fear of public speaking? JCI is here to help

Read about Natasha Fisher's bid for the JCI Effective Speaking World Championship title here: Natasha Fisher’s public speaking skills are taking her around the world.

JCI Winnipeg Effective Speaking Competition

On Saturday, March 28th, 2015, JCI Winnipeg held it's Effective Speaking Competition to see who would represent us at the JCI Prairie Region Conference - MADE IN EDMONTON - May 1-3, 2015.

Congratulations to Katrina Hueging, Vice President of Fellowship, on taking the local title. All the best as you compete in Edmonton to earn your spot at Shine Bright: National Convention 2015, hosted by JCI Calgary in September 2015. More about JCI Canada's National Convention here: Shine Bright: National Convention 2015


You too can get connected. Join us at our next Month End Mixer on Wednesday, April 29th, 2015 at Resto Gare to share your vision of a better community, engage JCI members toward betterment, and discover the avenues of potential and impact that exist within JCI Winnipeg.

Event details here: JCI Winnipeg Month End Mixer

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

JCI Winnipeg Nominees to CBC Manitoba's Future40

JCI is celebrating 100 years of impact. It was in 1915 that Henry Giessenbier founded JCI in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The idea was to scale local actions across borders, into the global organization it is now. Young active citizens continue to take action and fuel the JCI Movement.

It was 8 years later that JCI Winnipeg was created. It was the first JCI Chapter in Canada, which now boasts a total of 14 across the country.

As CBC Manitoba releases its list of Manitoba’s Future 40 finalist, we highlight 6 nominees who contributed to the JCI Movement through their involvement, dedication and commitment to a better community.

Natalie Bell, CHRP - CBC’s Future 40 profile - @pegcitylovely
 “Natalie’s numerous strengths include her eagerness to interact, to inspire and to relate to people, all accomplished with an infectious energy. Natalie served as Director of Marketing & Sponsorship for 2 years and earned the Member of the Year distinction in 2012 along with the Long Service Award. Check out her blog:

Natasha FisherCBC’s Future 40 profile - @NatashaFisher2
“Current JCI Winnipeg President, Natasha brought JCI Winnipeg to JCI’s 2014 World Congress in Germany, as Effective Speaking Champion of the Americas. She is the only Winnipeger to compete for the world title in effective speaking. Natasha is passionate about people and promoting positive change in her community through volunteerism and community leadership. Professionally, she strives to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health allowing for more acceptance and understanding.”

Katrina HuegingCBC’s Future 40 profile - @Hueging
“As current Vice-President of Fellowship, Katrina has served on JCI Winnipeg’s Board for over three years. She is an integral part of JCI’s successes in Winnipeg, earning Rookie of the Year in 2013 and Executive Board Member of the Year in 2014. She is also Co-Chair of the Young Brokers Network and gives countless hours to both groups. Katrina works as Director of Training and Education with the Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba, helping brokers remain performant through training and professional development.”

Valen Vergara - CBC’s Future 40 profile - @ValenVergaraVtr
"Valen Vergara is an award winning Social Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker & Business to Consumer Marketer. His strategic objective is to move social entrepreneurs towards high performance in the modern economy using his Eight Tiers Of Transcendent Thinking™. His life's work is centered on mentoring, empowering and investing in the field of human potential. Valen is the author of The People, Planet, Profit Entrepreneur™ & soon to be published Gold Mind™. He’s involved in a multitude of different projects including The WEPT Project Inc., the Now Network Joint Ventures Corp., the Millionaire Mastermind Alliance™ and Young Entrepreneurs Society International."

Neder Hedfi - CBC’s Future 40 profile - @nederhedfi 
"Nader is young achiever with big dreams in his mind that he worked on to accomplish them since day one. He began to manifest his strengths when he co-founded a high school club that mobilized students to have impact in their community. The club’s slogan was “Youth on the move, to lead, to serve, to shine!” So far, he’s participated in 8 TEDx events and this has spurred him to continue giving back. Neder joined JCI Winnipeg in January 2015, and brings enthusiasm, bilingualism and creativity to the membership."

Danelle Hueging - CBC’s Future 40 profile - @Danelle2
"Danelle has always drawn motivation from helping others grow in confidence, develop new skills and become more impactful in the community that surrounds them. Her achievements include a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Political Science, ranked Corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces, Certified Fitness Trainer, Project Management Professional, 2014 Junior Chamber International (JCI) Winnipeg President, Ex-officio with the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce and Current National Vice President with JCI Canada. With this, Danelle Hueging exerts her leadership with confidence with the objective of helping shape future generations of active and impactful citizens."

JCI Winnipeg is honored to have these representatives nominated to CBC Manitoba’s Future 40 as we recognize all nominees for their contributions to Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada.

To the hundreds of our province’s new generation of leaders, builders and change-makers, we eagerly anticipate the impact you will bring to our lives.

Here’s to your bright futures in Manitoba!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Skills development through entrepreneurial training, high school edition.

In Octobre 2014, JCI Winnipeg sent four members to Junior Achievement of Manitoba to volunteer as Business Advisers for their Company Program.

Over a four-month period, Junior Achievement’s Company Program teaches grade 10-12 students how to organize and operate a real business. Volunteers from the local business community work with students to launch and run a small enterprise. This gives students the real-world skills and experience that they need to achieve their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. In this hands-on program, students learn the risks and rewards of starting a business and how to build positive relationships with the community.

JCI Winnipeg serves as volunteer advisers with PowerUp, a company based out of St. John's-Ravenscourt School. Find them on Twitter @PowerUpJA.

Upcoming Sales Events
Come see all the Company Program teams in action at a sales event.

Word from the President at PowerUp, a JA Company

I've never wanted to study business. I've always been more of a med-school girl myself. Therefore it was my mother who introduced me to Junior Achievement's Company Program – a youth entrepreneurship program within schools – and practically forced me to join. Now don’t get me wrong, JA sounded quite interesting but I had never considered business as a future career. However, my mother thought that it would be a good experience anyways.

The Junior Achievement Company Program allows students to start a business and run it themselves – they pick a product, choose a target market, write a business plan, and advertise just like a real business would. It’s a demanding 22-week program that spans throughout the school year, but it’s also a lot of fun.

I've been with Junior Achievement for three years, and every year I find that I learn something new. My first year, I was a regular company member – no fancy title to my name and little responsibilities. But I also didn't get very much out of the program that year. The fact that I didn't hold an Executive position is less relevant than the fact that I hadn't tried to be very involved in the company. At the start of the year, I had chickened out on the day of elections for VP and CEO positions, backing out of the three spots I had originally planned to run for. Being the youngest member of the company, I had been scared that people wouldn't listen to my ideas or value my opinion. As a result, I pushed myself to the sidelines and remained there for the rest of the program.

I’m not normally a passive person, so with determination I signed up again the following year with the mindset that I would be braver. I refused to be a self-saboteur. On election day, I did run for a position and became CEO of my company. But foolishly, I had believed getting the courage to run would be the most stressful part of the experience. Of course, I was wrong.

My team encountered many hurdles that year and some we didn't jump, but rather stumbled over. Choosing a product was our first obstacle. Should we choose candles, which sell well but lack originality, or should we take a leap of innovation? Our choice in product would determine how the rest of the year would run and was therefore incredibly important. Being CEO, I bore the brunt of making those tough decisions. My year had been riddled with stressful and awkward situations like firing someone because they weren't attending meetings and setting a bad example. But as a result, I learned how to make tough calls and manage bad situations.

The company program also offers many competitions and chances for students to challenge themselves throughout the 22 weeks. My first year, I didn't participate in any, but my second year I made myself step out of my comfort zone. One of the competitions is called the Perfect Pitch Challenge, hosted by Shaw TV. Three student representatives from each team gave a 5 minute product pitch to a panel of judges and then were marked on how effective their pitch was – it was set up to be a bit like Dragon’s Den. Public speaking has always given me a lot of anxiety, so the experience was tough. But it was worth it—my team won and because I had participated, similar future experiences wouldn't be so daunting. Plus, as a reward, being the winners, my team got the unique experience to represent youth entrepreneurs to Prince Charles during his visit last spring.

I started JA in grade 10 and since then, I have learned a lot about business and have made many friends. However, the program has also allowed me to hone my patience and persistence, as well as my ability to communicate effectively with both my coworkers and customers. Networking opportunities are also vast throughout the program. Most of all, I've learned how to overcome my anxious tendencies and take more risks.

I’ll always thank my mother for pushing me to join the program. She was right – it didn't really matter that I wasn't business school bound; I learned a lot of skills relevant to any career path. Though I’m still not going into business next year when I start university, I've definitely gained a fondness for it. I am medical school hopeful and my experiences through the Junior Achievement Company Program will help me get there.

Alice Yu
A Junior Achievement Company

Friday, February 20, 2015

JCI Winnipeg volunteers at the Festival du Voyageur 2015

For our second year, JCI Winnipeg will be helping out at the Festival du Voyageur.

Six members have signed up for a volunteer shift at the Caisse Financial Group "Cabane a Sucre" on Saturday, February 21st, 2015 from 3PM to 8PM. Come say hello and enjoy some Taffy on Snow and some live music.

Check out last year's comments on the event : Taffy on snow, hundreds of people and giving back

Images taken at last year's event.
Every year, the Musée de Saint-Pierre-Jolys operates the Sugar Shack at the Festival du Voyageur grounds. It’s the Musée biggest fundraiser and a big draw for the Festival. Proceeds from this event helps maintain the Musée Saint-Pierre-Jolys along with their Sugar Shack.

For JCI Volunteers

Location : The Cabane a Sucre at the Voyageur Park (Whittier Park)
Start Time: 3PM - 8PM
  • We are volunteering at the Cabane a Sucre, #4 on the map below.
  • Please go to the Volunteer Registration Office (red arrow) to get your volunteer badge 20 minutes before your shift, and then proceed to the Cabane a Sucre.
  • There, you can talk to Rolly Gagné ( the guy in the top hat in the image below) and he will orient you.

If you have any questions, you can call/text Simon Méthot at 204-891-3361.

Also, returning volunteers Danelle Hueging and Natasha Fisher will be on hand to help you should you require it.

Thank you for giving your time to this event and enjoy the Festival du Voyageur.

Rolly Gagné and some of our JCI volunteers at last year's Festival du Voyageur.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to tie your Voyageur Sash

In order to compete in the Voyageur Games TONIGHT at the Club St B, Danelle Hueging, JCI Canada National Vice President shows us how to dress the part.

With help from Miguel Vielfaure, owner of Étchiboy, Danelle demonstrates how to properly wear the Voyageur Sash.

Join us tonight Danelle Hueging will be competing in the Voyageur Games taking place at Club St. B in Saint-Boniface.

We have created a Facebook event with all the details here: www.facebook/

She competed last year and earned respect from the other competitors with her skills and strength in the Leg Wrestling event. There are a total of 5 events in the games, including Log Sawing, Pillow Fight on a balance beam, Voyageur Wrestling and the Tug-of-War. 

MB Battery and Bud Light has joined forces again this year to offer the JCI Mobile Device Charging Station, ensuring everyone's mobile devices are fully charged to capture and share the excitement of the competition. Come say hello and get your hands on a Bud Light battery pack to charge your phone (while quantities last).

More information on the Voyageur Games available on the Festival du Voyageur website here:

Danelle Hueging faces-off with a competitor in the Voyageur Wrestling event.
Image credit :  Doug Kretchmer at Quidam Photography

About JCI Canada : JCI Canada is affiliated with Junior Chamber International a membership-based non-profit organization of 200,000 young people ages 18-40 in 5,000 communities and more than 100 countries around the world.

About Étchiboy : Étchiboy is a Métis company which creates high quality aboriginal products.  When you buy one of their products you are also supporting single mothers and orphans who are Quechua Indians from the Andes in the region around Cusco, Peru.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Celebrate with JCI at the Festival du Voyageur

JCI Winnipeg joins the CCFSB Kitchen Party to launch the Festival du Voyageur
The annual Festival du Voyageur kicked-off last Wednesday with the CCFSB’s Kitchen Party, and so began our second year of JCI Winnipeg’s involvement with Western Canada’s largest winter festival.

The CCFSB’s networking lunch was attended by VP Jennifer Donovan-Faubert, Danelle Hueging, Past President Marketing and Sponsorship, Simon Méthot, Director of Communications and Neder Hedfi, newly added member. Altogether, we were close to 150 business people gathered to launch this year’s Festival du Voyageur. The highlight, as it is every year, was the Toast to the Voyageur, which involves a shot of Caribou for everyone in attendance. 

Take a look at the CCFSB’s update of their event on their site

As a CCFSB member, JCI Winnipeg can have members attend their monthly networking lunches. Interested members can contact Simon Méthot at for details. A list of all CCFSB networking lunches can be found here:

On Twitter

JCI Winnipeg competes in the Voyageur Games
Next up is the Voyageur Games. Danelle Hueging will be competing in the Voyageur Games taking place at Club St. B in Saint-Boniface on Wednesday, February 18th at 7pm. She competed last year and earned respect from the other competitors with her skills and strength in the Leg Wrestling event. There are a total of 5 events in the games, including Log Sawing, Pillow Fight on a balance beam, Voyageur Wrestling and the Tug-of-War. 

MB Battery and Bud Light has joined forces again this year to offer the JCI Mobile Device Charging Station, ensuring everyone's mobile devices are fully charged to capture and share the excitement of the competition. Come say hello and get your hands on a Bud Light battery pack to charge your phone (while quantities last).

More information on the Voyageur Games available on the Festival du Voyageur website here:

We have created a Facebook event with all the details here: www.facebook/

Danelle Hueging faces-off with a competitor in the Voyageur Wrestling event.
Image credit :  Doug Kretchmer at Quidam Photography
On Twitter
JCI volunteering at the Sugar Shack
We will round out this year Festival with a volunteer shift at the Sugar Shack in the Festival Park. On Saturday, February 21st, six JCI members will be working a shift in support of Manitoba’s only maple syrup production site in Saint-Pierre-Jolys. The Sugar Shack at the Festival du Voyageur is the biggest fundraising event for the Musée de Saint-Pierre-Jolys, which operates the Sugar Shack in Saint-Pierre-Jolys.

During the course of the 4 hour volunteer shift, JCI members will help maple experts serve up the famous Taffy on Snow, a hugely popular Festival treat. We will also be helping serve food to the Sugar Shack guests while listening to live local music from Bon Débarras, The Bart House Band and the Graig and Ash Band. 

Details on the artists and venue available here:

Read about our experience for last year’s volunteer crew here:

Some of our volunteers at Festival du Voyageur 2014
About the Festival du Voyageur
Every winter since 1970, Saint-Boniface, Winnipeg’s French quarter, is transformed into a winter paradise and becomes host to the largest winter festival in Western Canada. Voyageur, Métis and First Nations histories are brought back to life, not only through the historical interpretation offered inside reconstructed Fort Gibraltar, but also through the many attractions inside Voyageur Park and at the festival’s various official sites. Music of old, traditional cuisine, sensational snow sculptures and captivating shows are but a few examples of the entertainment you can expect to witness during this convivial gathering. Offering a vast array of historical, recreational and educational activities, Festival du Voyageur has something for all tastes and all ages!

JCI Winnipeg’s involvement with the Festival du Voyageur began last year as part of our bilingual initiative. Our membership to the CCFSB and the launch of a bilingual website are also part of our bilingual initiative.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

JCI Prairie Region LOTS Training

JCI Humboldt has graciously invited us to join them for some training taking place on Saturday, February 7th, 2015 at the Bella Vista Inn. Members of JCI Winnipeg, JCI Edmonton, JCI Calgary will join JCI Humboldt for annual Local Officer Training School (LOTS). 

Have a look at last year's account of our LOTS training, that took place in Regina, SK : 2014 Local Officer Training School

2014 LOTS Training in Regina, SK
On Twitter



Training Agenda

Participating JCI Members can register for JCI Admin and JCI Achieve to earn credit for taking the courses and be eligible to become certified trainers upon successful completion.

Register here:

9:00 AM - JCI Adminfacilitated by Danelle Hueging, JCI Canada National Vice President

JCI Admin is the JCI Local Organization management course recommended for any member who wants to become a member of the local board or a leader at any level in the Local Organization. The course covers the structure of the local board, management of the Local Organization affairs and the responsibility of the Local Organization in providing development opportunities that will empower JCI members to create positive change in and outside of JCI.

12:30-1:30 PM - Lunch

1:30 PM - JCI Achieve, facilitated by Danelle Hueging, JCI Canada National Vice President

The JCI Achieve course uses discussions and analogies to help members understand one’s own values and the values and principles of JCI, the role of all members in establishing the Local Organization’s identity, the activities needed to fulfill the JCI Mission and develop JCI members into active citizens 
who will create positive change in their communities. 

3:30 - 4:00 PM - Break

4:00 PM - Content Marketing and Social Media, Facilitated by Simon Méthot, JCI Winnipeg 

This workshop is custom made to help participants maximize their web presence through a content creation strategy coupled with effective use of social media to drive traffic to it. Simon Méthot, JCI Winnipeg Director Communications will facilitate this workshop by sharing the story of how JCI Winnipeg successfully built an important web presence in 2014, at no cost, through the use of strategic social media use, free online tools and content submitted by the membership.

Topic covered include:
  • Blogger, for chapters who do not have a web presence. 
  • Tips for Content Creation for non-profit, volunteer organisations. 
  • Hootsuite, for scheduled social media posting.
  • Dropbox for hosting/sharing documents.
  • JotForm for designing online forms.
  • Microsoft Word for creating printed programs.
  • PDFSAM for working with PDF files.
We look forward to meeting you all at these workshops, and hope you find a few tips and strategies that can help you and your chapter reach maximum potential.

About Danelle Hueging

Member since May 2012, Danelle served as JCI Winnipeg's 91st president. She brings a wide range of experience to JCI Winnipeg, including recently acquired Project Management Professional accreditation. Have a look at her profile and connect with her on LinkedIn.

You can also read her incoming President's message here : 2014 President's message
Read about her year end summary here: One year to lead - A look back on 2014

Friday, January 30, 2015

JCI Winnipeg 2015 Program Launch

Networking, an important skill

Back in early December 2014, the Club entrepreneurship de l'Université de Saint-Boniface (CEUSB) organized a workshop, in French, for their members, helping them learn the importance of networking as young professionals and some techniques on how to be successful at it. Matt Allard, City Councillor for the Saint-Boniface Ward and past Executive Director at the Chambre decommerce francophone de Saint-Boniface, facilitated the workshop for the 30+ CEUSB members that joined us.

Networking workshop with CEUSB members. 

On Wednesday, January 28th 2015, we joined the CEUSB for a Speed Networking event at Le Garage Café. This served as practice for the CEUSB members who had taken the training and were looking to put what they learnt into practice. JCI Winnipeg took this opportunity to share their expertise on the topic of Networking.

Speed Networking session. 
2015 JCI Winnipeg activities

This event served as our first Month End Mixer of 2015. What a success it was.  We launched our 2015 programming. Have a look at what we have planned for 2015 and see if there are any projects you can get involved with. Get in touch with us to get involved. 

New member Neder Hedfi

We also welcomed a new member, Neder Hedfi, who brings enthusiasm, bilingualism and creativity to the membership. He also has some impactful projects in-mind; a welcomed addition to JCI Winnipeg.

Here’s what he has to say about getting involved:

JCI is a global network of young people aged between 18 and 40 whose focus is to empower young people to make a positive change in their society. Whether this is through self-development, community projects, management and team leader opportunities or simply networking locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. It's often referred to as one of the world’s best kept secrets (and not only by its members), and with 200,000 members globally, that's no small feat. Being young and ambitious, I was keen to find an outlet for my energy and enthusiasm outside of school, that’s why I joined JCI.

JCI is a volunteer-led, NGO run by its members, for its members. Split into local chambers, each deliver their own set of projects, programs, training sessions, networking events, business seminars and social events; all meeting quite routinely at regional, national and global events. In JCI I saw the potential to prove myself outside of the traditional, to gain new professional skills and develop my sense of leadership and to help set the projects through involvement and my ability to meet goals and challenges.

I am looking forward to start working on future projects with JCI Winnipeg and to achieve success and so honored to be a part of a worldwide network and being part of great team of young successful Winnipeggers.


JCI Winnipeg President Natasha Fisher welcomes Neder Hedfi as new member.