Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ways and whys of getting involved locally.

Last Friday, I joined fellow members for JCI Winnipeg’s Annual Golf Tournament, taking place at Larters at St. Andrews Golf & Country Club. The objective this year was to raise funds to help JCI Winnipeg deliver its Leadership Series events. We also wish to help Natasha Fisher bring home the World Title in JCI’s Effective Speaking Competition taking place in Leipzig, Germany.

After a quick lunch, we hit the links for a round of golf, laughs and fellowship. And something more…

Since returning to Winnipeg 7 months ago, friends and colleagues often ask why I am involved with JCI. What’s does JCI do for you? What’s it all for?

In the quiet moments on the tee box and between putts, I found a few answers.

Last Friday, I went golfing, and I made a contribution to the success of Joel Mabon’s first experience as a JCI Event Chair. Well done Joel.

Last Friday, I didn’t go to work; I brought work to me by inviting my boss and 2 clients to join us. This gave me chance to show my appreciation to all three.

Last Friday, I promoted two business people from my immediate network, who left some gifts for all tournament golfers.  (Thanks Dulux Paints and Perspective Financial)

Last Friday, I supported Natasha Fisher in her efforts to bring back the World Title in Effective Speaking at JCI’s World Congress in Germany.

Last Friday, I connected with a group of young, dynamic and energetic professionals committed to a better Winnipeg.

Following the tournament, we were welcomed by past JCI member Kelly Faubert for a BBQ at his place.

In the end, I left with a few things, new friends, a few grateful clients, some cool prizes (thanks MB Battery). I also left with a stronger sense of who I am and how my involvement can make a difference for those close to me, for my City, and all those whom I share it with.

Jason Gunnlaugson

Owner, DV Painting
Treasurer, JCI Winnipeg

From the President,

It was a great day to hit the links! JCI Winnipeg’s Annual Golf Tournament united past and current members and gave JCI Director Joel Mabon a chance to successfully organize his first JCI event.

It's always good to see a project come together and to see JCI members creating opportunities to get involved locally. Every event that mobilizes the community to raise funds for community projects is a win for Winnipeg; and it’s due to people stepping up and taking on responsibilities as organizers.

Getting involved really is the best way to make a difference, and the experience you gain along the way is well worth the effort.

Congratulations to golfers Michael Thompson, a past JCI Board member, and supporters Kevin Gates, Larry Gates and Elaine Gates for taking home Best Score!

Huge round of applause for JCI Past President Kelly Faubert and his wife Jennifer for hosting the post-golf wrap-up at their place... despite the cooler temperatures, we still took advantage of the pool!

Thanks to our sponsors MB Battery, BKG Distributors and King Accounting and Tax Services for helping us make the event so successful! Your support at events like this help create opportunities for professional and personal growth for our members; your involvement is greatly appreciated.

To everyone who came out in support of our tournament - THANK YOU!

A final note to JCI Senators Bill Enefer and Gord Kraushaur who joined us – I will practicing for next year so I can beat your scores – GAME ON !

Danelle Hueging
JCI Winnipeg President