Monday, March 31, 2014

CLOSED - We are currently seeking a creative volunteer for the Director, Corporate Partnerships position on the Board.

Director, Corporate Partnerships
Volunteer Position Description – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Position details: Voluntary, 9 month term starting immediately

JCI Winnipeg is seeking a Director of Corporate Partnerships position on the 2014 JCI Winnipeg Board of Directors who will focus on identifying, cultivating and stewarding corporate partnerships and sponsors to support JCI Winnipeg operations, maintenance, and public programs.

This position offers you the opportunity to enable positive change through the development of young citizens. JCI offer opportunities to learn, inspire and build our experience as leaders.


  • Develop a growth strategy for JCI Winnipeg for corporate partnerships, researching and identifying potential future partners for sponsorships, training opportunities, and funding;
  • Research and identify corporate partners interested in supporting JCI Winnipeg through sponsorships, contributions, and grants;
  • Build trusted relationships with potential partners, corporate program officers and marketing executives on behalf of JCI Winnipeg;
  • Write, assemble and submit corporate funding requests, including letters of intent, solicitation, proposals, budgets, acknowledgements and presentations, ensuring prompt acknowledgement of corporate and individual gifts and donations;
  • Track and manage leads/prospects by industry and opportunity, maintaining calendar to ensure timely submission of letters of inquiry, proposals and reports;
  • Explore further fundraising opportunities for JCI Winnipeg with the support of the board;
  • Update the board with monthly progress reports and through attendance at the monthly meetings;
  • Maintain and update JCI Winnipeg’s sponsorship package as required.


  • You are an active citizen aged 18-40 and are passionate about creating positive change;
  • You have a background in for public relations, communications, corporate fundraising, journalism or a related discipline and are looking for an opportunity use your skills in these areas to promote positive change;
  • You are a highly motivated self-started, with by the desire to set and accomplish new goals in a fast paced environment;
  • You are persuasive, and enjoy meeting new contacts to develop successful business contacts and relationships;
  • You often find creative solutions to problems, and you are eager to provide opportunities that empower young people to create change in their community;
  • You are highly organized with the ability to communicate effectively in writing and verbally with different audiences;
  • You are skilled with the suite of Microsoft Office products and social media;
  • You are driven to make JCI Winnipeg and the Winnipeg community a better place.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop fundraising and sponsorship related skills within the not-for-profit sector!

Interested individuals can send their applications no later than April 10th, 2014 by email at 

Be Better
JCI members constantly seek ways to live JCI’s slogan, Be Better. JCI members think critically about existing problems to find sustainable solutions for a better future. We not only believe that improvement is possible in our communities and in ourselves, we believe it is our responsibility.

JCI Winnipeg Spring Retreat

Hello World,

I am Jason Gunnlaugson a recent addition to the growing team of JCI Winnipeg, recently I moved back to my hometown and decided to keep with the organization that I had joined in BC.

JCI Winnipeg is currently a tornado of positive energy and passion, it is a rapidly growing group of exciting individuals who are working together to make positive change in our community.

We recently held a 2 day retreat at Rose Grove Country Getaway, near Portage la Prairie,  to have some fun and unwind. Oh there may have been some work in there as well, but that’s the thing with JCI it kind of feels like your just having a good time with your new friends and then the next minute you are tackling serious local issues and putting plans in to action to make changes. Soon enough you are back to skating on the “pond”.

My father always told me that if you weren't having a lot of fun while raising money or creating change it wouldn't last for long, and JCI Winnipeg lives this message. I am happy to have found this organization in Vernon, BC and even happier to continue with it in Winnipeg.

Now make sure you buy a ticket to Leadercast, there are less than 100 left!!!!

Jason Gunnlaugson

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Connecting at the CCFSB networking lunch !

*Please email JCI Winnipeg if your interested in participating in CCFSB networking events.
*Communiquer par courriel avec JCI Winnipeg pour participer aux événements de réseautage de la CCFSB

I had the pleasure of being invited by Matt Allard to the CCFSB networking lunch yesterday representing JCI Winnipeg. I always enjoy these events, as you never know who you will meet. Last time it was Roland Rivard of Voyageur Door and Window, who has since joined forces with JCI Winnipeg on bring a big event to Winnipeg. (stay tuned for more on that later!)

After a few moments of 'Bonjours' and catching up, I had the pleasure of being seated between Christine Beaumont of Paul Craft Financial and Walter Kleinschmidt of R2E Consulting. They were most generous with their translations, as the majority of the discussion was done in French and I am just starting to learn the language again and I couldn't be more appreciative!

After RobTetrualt, President of the CCFSB welcomed some new chamber members to the lunch; we were treated to a presentation by Sophie Gaulin of La Liberté. Did you know that La Liberté is one of the oldest newspapers in the world? This Winnipeg institution celebrated their 100th anniversary not long ago!

Sophie shared marketing tips and strategies, and I was interested to learn that if you pay for the $25/yr membership fee to La Liberté's online publication, you can also access it with audio and translation all at the same time - great for those like me who are trying to pick up the language!

The highlight of the lunch was the official announcement of LEADERCAST - WINNIPEG coming out! The audience was the first to hear of the exciting event being brought to Winnipeg by JCI Winnipeg, and already people are looking to secure tickets as the line-up of speakers is fantastic. (think Malcalm Gladwell, Simon Sinek, Desmond Tutu, Laura Bush and more!)

At the end of the lunch, there is always a business card draw and my name was pulled! I was the lucky recipient of a beautiful leather bracelet from local business Poco Créations and Beads. Thank you Poco!

As I walked from yet another successful CCFSB Networking lunch (where I am learning to hold my own a little more with my French conversation), I couldn't help but notice a table full of beautiful wire and stone jewelry holders created by Artistree (a Junior Achievement Company). It would have made the perfect holder for the new bracelet! However, I had to run off to work, and instead will have to follow up with the Junior Achievers at their trade show this Saturday at St. Vital ShoppingCenter.

L'adhésion de JCI Winnipeg à la Chambre de commerce francophone de Saint-Boniface est du a l'appuie financier du Secrétariat aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes.

JCI Winnipeg's membership to the Chambre de commerce francophone de Saint-Boniface is due to financial support from the Secrétariat aux affaires intergouvernementales canadiennes.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Taffy on snow, hundreds of people and giving back

Every year, the Musée de Saint-Pierre-Jolys operates the Sugar Shack at the Festival du Voyageur grounds. It’s the Musée biggest fundraiser and a big draw for the Festival. Members of JCI Winnipeg, and guests, volunteered their time on Saturday Feb. 15th and 22nd to help serve Maple Taffy on Snow to hundreds of families.

Léa Lambert, International student, guest of JCI Winnipeg

“When I learned of a volunteering opportunity at la “Cabane a Sucre” at   Festival du Voyageur, I immediately signed-up! I had already been a volunteer but never in a kitchen. Finally spent the entire day there, helping out with making coffee, preparing pancakes and other tasks. I particularly enjoyed taking peoples orders and serving them, because it gave me the opportunity to practice some English!

In passing, I also learnt some basic kitchen protocols, like the use of protective gloves and proper use of thermometers. The best part of volunteering here was meeting new people and being useful!

We didn’t have much time to chat amongst volunteers, but we did share a devotion to doing a good job, to ensure our guests had good food and great service. We want those who come to la Cabane à sucre to have a memorable experience.

Also, it's the best working atmosphere ever: listening to live music and dancing while working is really fun!
On top of that, I was given one Festival scarf, 1 day pass and 2 tickets for the bar I definitely feel like spending my free time at the Festival du Voyageur in the upcoming week.”

Reno Johnston, JCI member

“I stepped out of my comfort zone and into Festival du Voyageur.”
I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to volunteer, and I’d be lying if I said I didn't feel slightly obliged when I excitedly agreed to this endeavor, and I couldn't be more grateful for the experience.  For 5 hours, which rocketed by, I volunteered my hands, my enthusiasm, and my heart to an event that left thousands with happy ears, happy eyes, happy stomachs, and happy hearts; that event was Festival du Voyageur.

“Thank you for being there and doing the worst job with a big smile on your face,” a close friend said to me following the event. In some cosmic way, I’m convinced that sink was exactly where I was supposed to be, the lingering smell of dishwater and bleach was worth every moment of the experience. Festival oozed Canada, and there was something so powerful about seeing our community come together to celebrate; we, Manitobans, Canadians, take -33 degree weather and a park, and we turn it into to something transformative, and that, to me, is the definition of what it means to be a Winnipeger, a Manitoban, a Canadian, and a member of Junior Chamber International.

Thanks for the friends, the food, the sounds, the smells, the laughs, the hugs, the love, and most of all, thanks for the experience.

Shana Robinson – future JCI Winnipeg Member

A huge thank you to JCI Winnipeg for exposing me to such a beautiful experience. Volunteering at Festival du Voyageur 2014, was amazing. From the moment I walked in I felt embraced with a sense of community and I knew it would be a fun filled day. It was my first time at Festival du Voyageur, I made many new friends and got to practice my French. JCI Members were active in not only their efforts but also contributed spirit, energy and laughs to the whole day. This was my first event with JCI and I am so excited to see what other amazing things we accomplish in 2014.