Saturday, March 1, 2014

Taffy on snow, hundreds of people and giving back

Every year, the Musée de Saint-Pierre-Jolys operates the Sugar Shack at the Festival du Voyageur grounds. It’s the Musée biggest fundraiser and a big draw for the Festival. Members of JCI Winnipeg, and guests, volunteered their time on Saturday Feb. 15th and 22nd to help serve Maple Taffy on Snow to hundreds of families.

Léa Lambert, International student, guest of JCI Winnipeg

“When I learned of a volunteering opportunity at la “Cabane a Sucre” at   Festival du Voyageur, I immediately signed-up! I had already been a volunteer but never in a kitchen. Finally spent the entire day there, helping out with making coffee, preparing pancakes and other tasks. I particularly enjoyed taking peoples orders and serving them, because it gave me the opportunity to practice some English!

In passing, I also learnt some basic kitchen protocols, like the use of protective gloves and proper use of thermometers. The best part of volunteering here was meeting new people and being useful!

We didn’t have much time to chat amongst volunteers, but we did share a devotion to doing a good job, to ensure our guests had good food and great service. We want those who come to la Cabane à sucre to have a memorable experience.

Also, it's the best working atmosphere ever: listening to live music and dancing while working is really fun!
On top of that, I was given one Festival scarf, 1 day pass and 2 tickets for the bar I definitely feel like spending my free time at the Festival du Voyageur in the upcoming week.”

Reno Johnston, JCI member

“I stepped out of my comfort zone and into Festival du Voyageur.”
I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to volunteer, and I’d be lying if I said I didn't feel slightly obliged when I excitedly agreed to this endeavor, and I couldn't be more grateful for the experience.  For 5 hours, which rocketed by, I volunteered my hands, my enthusiasm, and my heart to an event that left thousands with happy ears, happy eyes, happy stomachs, and happy hearts; that event was Festival du Voyageur.

“Thank you for being there and doing the worst job with a big smile on your face,” a close friend said to me following the event. In some cosmic way, I’m convinced that sink was exactly where I was supposed to be, the lingering smell of dishwater and bleach was worth every moment of the experience. Festival oozed Canada, and there was something so powerful about seeing our community come together to celebrate; we, Manitobans, Canadians, take -33 degree weather and a park, and we turn it into to something transformative, and that, to me, is the definition of what it means to be a Winnipeger, a Manitoban, a Canadian, and a member of Junior Chamber International.

Thanks for the friends, the food, the sounds, the smells, the laughs, the hugs, the love, and most of all, thanks for the experience.

Shana Robinson – future JCI Winnipeg Member

A huge thank you to JCI Winnipeg for exposing me to such a beautiful experience. Volunteering at Festival du Voyageur 2014, was amazing. From the moment I walked in I felt embraced with a sense of community and I knew it would be a fun filled day. It was my first time at Festival du Voyageur, I made many new friends and got to practice my French. JCI Members were active in not only their efforts but also contributed spirit, energy and laughs to the whole day. This was my first event with JCI and I am so excited to see what other amazing things we accomplish in 2014.

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  1. Thank you / Merci from all of us at le Musée de Saint-Pierre-Jolys