Keynote Jessica Dumas

Jessica Dumas
Indigenous Renaissance

Jessica Dumas is a Professional Coach & President at Prime Image Life Coaching. She is the creator of a 3 and 6 month, on-line, life changing program called My Prime Image and the workshop called Indigenous Insight Seminar. Her coaching programs help empower Individuals through dating, relationship transitions, public speaking and facilitating, leadership and career.

As an Indigenous Professional Coach with several years of progressive experience in both the private and public sectors, Jessica has been passionately involved in executive coaching, group facilitation and training, conflict resolution and mediation, event management, social media marketing, professional speaking and community leadership. Jessica was recognized for her professional expertise through nomination as a finalist in the CBC’s Top 40 Manitoban’s under 40 for 2015 and most recently, a finalist for 2017 Future Leaders of Manitoba.

She is a powerful role model and advocate for social justice, turning a family tragedy, the loss of her brother in 2005, into an opportunity to lead others to overcome challenge and hardship by developing personal strengths, vision and self-confidence and demonstrating her own story of reconciliation.

Finally, and most importantly, Jessica is the proudest of her three active sons, Ethan, James and Rylan and her handsome partner Poul (Pronounced Paul).

Facebook-Life Coach:  @jessicadumas01
Facebook – Indigenous Insights: @jessicadumasIndigenous
Twitter: @jessicadumas01
Instagram: @Dumas_jessica

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