Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Local Presidents’ Summit 2014 - Cross-border Collaboration - St. Louis, Missouri

Cross-Border Collaboration - St, Louis, Missouri

As one of eleven Canadian delegates privileged to take part in the US Local Presidents’ Summit (LPS) this past January, I returned with a few takeaways from this exceptional learning and networking experience:

Poverty Simulation - This 3 hour workshop had participants ‘walking a mile’ in the shoes of those who live below the poverty line. We were exposed to homelessness, unemployment, no food, and limited resources with which to get help. It was a game that we couldn’t seem to win at; it was an eye-opening way to get a better understanding of how tough things are for those living in poverty.

IMPACT Training - We reviewed the Active Citizen Framework (ACF) and discussed current issues affecting our communities, sharing ideas on how to overcome them. Topics included re-training of the workforce, mentoring youth, and out-reach to at-risk people.

Nothing But Nets - Buzzz tour 2.0 has US Jaycees travelling across the States collecting signatures from those supporting the fight against Malaria. Signed advocacy cards are then delivered to Congress at Capitol Hill. Malaria affects over 3 billion people – half of the world's population is at risk of malaria. We have the means to stop this! Just $10 sends a bed net to those at risk and greatly reduces the spread of Malaria.

Canadian Presidents Meeting - It was fantastic getting to know my fellow JCI Canada Presidents! We shared resources, fundraising ideas and plans to better execute our chapter missions. The 2014 JCI Canada Plan focuses on IMPACT, using the Active Citizen Framework to facilitate positive change in our communities.

Local Chapter Presidents

I encourage you all to stay active and involved in JCI events, like the Western Regional Conference and the National Convention this September in Ajax, and experience them firsthand!

Travel when you can – listen to the stories of others and share ideas for making the world a better place… we’re all better off for it!

Danelle Heuging, 2014 JCI Winnipeg President

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